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Frame for Police LSGC, Golden and Diamond Jubilee
Price: 65.00 GBP  
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Condition: New

Frame for Police LSGC, Golden and Diamond Jubilee

This is an example frame and illustrates a frame with 3 individual apertures for each:
Police Exemplary Service Medal
Golden Jubilee
Diamond Jubilee

this frame will house either the original medals or replicas if desired.
The board is velvet coated and so provides a quality backdrop to display your medals. The medals are easily inserted from the rear of the frame taking under 5 minutes and there is no sticking/sewing required.
This frame further exhibits our metal photographic plate and metal nameplate to show the potential available.
The plates are to be found under the 'Nameplates' section of this site.
No medals or plates are included this listing is for the frame only.

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